5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Sea

If you’re planning a lengthy seahabilitation holiday this summer, staying healthy out on the water should be one of your first considerations. Needless to say, sailing the open ocean is great for your physical and mental health, whether you sail for a couple of days or an entire month – but sailing presents a few unique circumstances that every sailor should be mindful of when setting sail. Here are five ways to stay healthy out at sea.

Drink Plenty of Water

When you’re supplying your boat, don’t skimp on water – you’ll get far thirstier at sea than you do on land, due to near-constant sun, salt exposure, and physical labor. Aim for several liters a day, and whenever you feel even a little bit thirsty, reach for a bottle – even mild dehydration can impair motor and cognitive skills, which can be very dangerous on board ship.

Eat More

You’ll burn a lot of calories operating a boat, particularly a sailboat, so make sure to eat a hearty meal several times a day and snack generously. The near-constant physical activity you’ll get on board ship will give you an appetite like you’ve never had before, so don’t fret about eating extra – chances are you’ll come back leaner and more fit than you were when you left!

Cover Up

Wind and sun are ever-present elements out at sea, so protect your skin by covering up with long sleeves, windbreakers, and long pants. Covering up will help protect you from wind and sunburn – conditions that can greatly interfere not only with your ability to maneuver the boat but with getting proper rest. As well, since it’s almost always colder out at sea than on land, make sure to keep warm enough that your immune system won’t be weakened.

Create Shade

The sun will be beating down on you all day long out at sea, unless it’s a cloudy day. Create shade on board the boat using a tarp, awning, or other covering. This is especially important if you have children on board, as their skin tends to be more delicate than that of adults and may be more susceptible to damage.

Tend Your Skin

Even with covering up and staying in the shade, your skin – especially the more delicate skin around your eyes and on your lips – will be roughened by constant wind and sun. Make sure to moisturize your skin daily using a good quality product, especially those that contain shea or cocoa butter. Drinking lots of water will help maintain your skin, but also make sure to keep cocoa butter or lip balm handy to keep lips from drying and cracking too heavily.

Getting away from it all on board ship is a wonderful way to refresh and soothe mind and spirit. Following these few simple tips will help to make your boating holiday much more enjoyable and comfortable, so you come home feeling vivified, relaxed, and healthier than ever.

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