Sail to Your Dream Vacation with Enaviga

Whether you’re dreaming of white sand beaches, fresh seafood, or crumbling coastal fortresses, you’ve come to the right place. Chartering a boat allows you to explore tried and true favorites alongside off-the-beaten-track destinations, with a dash of adventure thrown in.

If you’ve never chartered a yacht before, don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as TV shows might have you believe. In fact, narrowing it down to one destination (Greece? Croatia? France?) might be the hardest part. Once you’ve done that, it’s on to the fun part—selecting a boat. Here’s how to get started on Enaviga:

Select crewed or bareboat:

  • If you don’t know how to sail, you’re going to want to select a crewed boat. Often, a crewed boat just means you’re hiring a skipper (sailor, captain, or nautical guru) to operate the boat and serve as a bit of a tour guide. Sometimes, the price of the skipper is included in the weekly (or daily) rental fee or as a per-day add on. Depending on the size of the boat, you may also be able to hire additional staff to aid in your dream vacation.
  • If you’re a sailor, you can rent a bareboat and sail it yourself. Just be sure you have an internationally-recognized license, such as an ICC.

Decide on a boat type:

We say “sailor,” but we offer more than sailboats. If you don’t have a preference, search through all of them. Here’s a quick cheat sheet on what each boat offers:

Motorboats are the dominant boat in traditional yachting, but they are often more expensive to operate. They tend to offer the most luxurious interiors and faster speeds.

Sailboats are increasingly popular yacht vacation options. Once thought of as the “adventurous” alternative for travelers who wanted a yacht experience at a lower price, these boats have evolved significantly. Now, the experience can range from adventurous to leisurely. There are three main types of sailboats you can rent with Enaviga:

Monohulls are the ‘traditional’ sailboat you have have seen in children’s books.

Catamarans have two hulls. They tend to be larger, which can make them more stable and comfortable, with more space on board for food, equipment and people.

Gulets are a type of monohull – they have a very unique look, steeped in Turkish history. They’re commonly found in the southeastern mediterranean.

If you’re new to boating, rest assured that all sailboats on Enaviga have motors on board, so you won’t be stranded at sea if there’s no wind.

Make your search more effective:

We recommend searching for certified boats only. Like a hotel booking site, we pull data from all available boat operators to ensure you see a wide selection at the best price. When a boat is certified, you know our team has personally verified the boat’s details, ensuring that its listing details, including pictures, are up to date and accurate. We’re not saying non-certified boats are less trustworthy, but with certified boats you know Enaviga has personally verified the information.

If you notice an error message around booking period or dates, don’t fret. In the Mediterranean, charters are typically booked from Saturday to Saturday. While you can certainly find trips starting on different days and for varying directions, some boat operators still stick to this traditional schedule. Adjusting your search may improve your results. 

As you start to decide which boat to rent, look for these details:

Are provisions included, and if so what provisions?

Not all boats come with provisions (food and drink) on board. As you decide which boat to rent and evaluate the prices, see whether provisions are included and what they entail. Sometimes, renting a crewed boat includes basic meals. 

Other boats allow you to take provisions into your own hands, so you have more say in what you eat and the overall cost. If you plan to cook your own meals, pay attention to the boat’s galley (kitchen) so you know what you’ll be able to make. Of course, you’ll likely be able to eat on land when you dock.

What equipment is provided?

If you’re already dreaming of Instagramming yourself on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), be sure to check whether your boat lists SUPs in its equipment inventory. If you’re traveling with kids, you might want to look at whether the boat comes with snorkels and floaties. Things like coffee makers and air conditioning are common but not a given on all vessels, so be sure to check if your boat has that one thing you can’t live without.

For sailors renting a bareboat, you can use filters to to find boats that meet your preferences, like a spinnaker or a gennaker sail. The “additional equipment” may also be filled with technical details that are important to you.

Have more questions about the booking process or sailing in general? Send us an email; we’re here to help!

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