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Planning to sail the Greek Islands? Here’s a few things you should know

With over 15,000 kilometers of coastline, it’s no wonder why one of the best ways to explore the blue and mesmerizing Greek islands is by sailboat. For beginners and experienced sailors alike, you’re just a hop away from embarking on a journey as the islands are filled with companies, yachts and cabin cruisers, and skipper-owners cruising the Aegean and Ionian seas every day.

There’s more than enough here to last you a lifetime of sailing, so take your pick based on your wishes. When you’re still not sure, check out our destination guides for some recommendations and tips&tricks for each of the destinations.

History, culture, food and good company are sure to follow wherever you choose to go.

Planning to Sail the Greek Islands? Set Sail with Enaviga. Oia on Santorini  in Greece

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea.

How to find a Boat

To find your perfect sailboat, jump quickly to – your holiday travel companion. Did we mention you can earn Miles&More miles for booking a boat with us? Great for planning your complete trip. Choose your preferred boat type and get going by air and sea. The important thing here is to bear in mind the destinations you want to visit. Athens is the go-to marina for most rentals, but there are others like;

  • Alimos (Athens) – our destination guide for Alimos
  • Volos – our destination guide for Volos
  • Lefkas – our destination guide for Lefkas
  • Kos – our destination guide for Kos
  • Mykonos – our destination guide for Mykonos
  • Zakynthos – our destination guide for Zakynthos
  • Corfu – our destination guide for Corfu
  • Lavrio – our destination guide for Lavrio
  • Perigiali – our destination guide for Perigiali
  • Preveza – our destination guide for Preveza
  • Elliniko – our destination guide for Elliniko

Deciding on a skipper

Depending on your experience, you may need or want to hire a skipper. In this case, a charting company will provide you with one, costing roughly 1,000 euros a week. Skippers are especially beneficial due to their expertise, guiding you to the best beaches and hidden spots scattered among the islands. We recommend you take one for complete relaxation and making the most out of your holidays.

If sharing your space with a skipper is not desirable for you, the other option would be to “bare boat”, in which case one passenger must be certified with a RYA Day Skipper International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or the equivalent license from a registered sailing school.

Making the decision to charter a boat without a skipper, you inevitably would need to have the appropriate experience level according to the area you plan to sail. For example, sailing around the Ionian Islands is generally suitable for bare-boating as the winds tend to be light and the sea calm.

Costs of sailing the Greek Islands

Cost ultimately depends on the size of the boat, duration of your journey, whether or not you hire a skipper, and the time of year. In high season, expect to pay around 2,000 euros a week for a three-cabin sailboat. This does not include the skipper, fuel or harbor fees, which are around three euros a day in most areas.

Planning to Sail the Greek Islands? Set Sail with Enaviga. Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea
The Ionian sea is at the West and the Aegean is at the East Sea.

Best time to go

The main sailing season in Greece is from mid-April until mid-October. Outside of these months, you may still manage to find light and friendly winds in areas such as Ionian Islands and Saronic Gulf, for example, but for the overall best experience it is recommended to sail between April and October.

Planning to sail the Greek Islands: Set sail with Enaviga

Once you’ve booked your boat be sure to download our app and learn more about the boat you have rented. It will allow you to ask all the question once the boat handover is scheduled, as well as upload your documentation to avoid the busy office mornings on a Saturday.

We wish you a great holiday and to make the most out of it.

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