What you should consider.

Whether you are travelling as a couple, with friends or as a family group. If you have never sailed before what should you consider?

First off you need to think about whether you would prefer to charter a bareboat with a skipper, or a crewed yacht. If you click here you can read more about the differences between the two.

Once you know which one would suit your trip. Then it’s on to look at where you wish to visit and the boats Enaviga have available for your trip.

Take a look at the Enaviga Website. Here you can carry out a quick and easy search. You can specify destination, dates or yacht type.

If you hit the search tab, there are more criteria offered. As a non-sailor, you should start with crewed yachts and then use the sliding bars to refine your choices. Unless you have chosen a destination or date, you are seeing worldwide availability.

What destination would you like to visit?

This depends on when you are looking to travel. If November – May then you would generally be looking to visit the Caribbean. This is because the weather will be warmer than the Mediterranean.  Are you looking to travel May – October?, then you should consider the Med, Australasia or the United States.

If you did want to sail ‘off season’ you will find quieter anchorages and better deals on both flights and boats. If travelling to the Caribbean / Southern United States. There is a risk of a hurricane from June – November. Research the area you wish to travel to in advance. Some restaurants and amenities may close.

What type of boat do you want to hire?

Do you have a preference between a monohull or a catamaran? Click here to read about the differences between the two. Enaviga also offers you the choice of Gulets or Powerboats. Gulets are traditionally available to charter in the Mediterranean. Enaviga also has Gulets sailing from locations such as the Seychelles and Phuket.

A Gulet is a traditional Turkish sailing boat. She has two or three masts (so one more than a regular sailing boat).  Despite the extra masts, bareboat Gulets are ‘sailed’ with their diesel engine. If you wish to enjoy a traditional sailing Gulet, then you will need to join a crewed Gulet.

A Powerboat is a boat that does not have any sails. She is dependent on her engine to move. Generally, a quicker method of travel, albeit noisier than sailing.

If you are still unsure then contact the qualified team at Enaviga are on hand to help with any queries that you may have.

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