How to Rent or Charter a Boat

Renting a boat doesn’t have to be stressful – and even if you’ve never sailed before, renting a boat is the perfect opportunity to have a skilled hand show you the ropes (literally!). Renting or chartering a boat has never been easier, as you can do it from the comfort of your own home or via your smartphone. Here are five steps to renting or chartering a boat.

1. Log On

From your computer or smartphone, access the Enaviga website or app. Take a little time to check out the website for featured boats and destinations, information about the company, bareboat vs captained rentals, and anything else you might need to know about setting sail on the open oceans.

2. Decide On a Boat

Before you do a boat search, conduct a little online research for the kind of boat you think you might want. Are you after a fishing expedition? A week-long cruise? A weekend boat party? A regatta? Research the best boats for each purpose and narrow it down to a few boat types that will best suit your wants – for example, you might want to rent a sloop or catboat for fishing, a yacht for pleasure cruising or parties, or a schooner or catamaran for racing.

3. Search

Once you have a boat or three in mind, get to searching! Bear in mind how big you think you may want the boat to be before you book a boat rental, especially if you’re going bareboat or are on a budget – you don’t want to book a boat you can’t handle on your own if you don’t have a crew. Make sure the boat you book can host the number of people you’re planning to have on board, especially if you’re having a party. Enaviga has a huge range of boats for boat rental & charter available, so you’re sure to find a boat rental you’ll love.

4. Book

If you’re planning to book during the summer or early fall season, make sure to book well in advance, as the best deals and boats tend to get snapped up quickly when the red season hits! Once you find a boat that fits your needs, go ahead with the booking process During your booking, choose your date ad times carefully. Decide whether you want a captained and crewed vessel, or if you plan to sail bareboat. You’ll get a confirmation when you book your boat, so all you’ll have to do afterwards is wait for your embarkation date!

5. Sail Away

When the day of your embarkation arrives, make sure to take – or have delivered – everything you’ll need to the marina or harbor to board your boat rental or charter, such as food, fishing equipment and bait, and everyday necessities like clothing and toiletries. Additionally, make sure any staff (such as caterers or bartenders for yacht parties) or guests you may be taking on board know when they should be arriving at the shipyard. Use the Enaviga app to make your check-in swift and easy – and then simply sail away to relaxation and the adventure of the open water.

Booking a boat rental or boat charter is incredibly easy, so if you’re looking to get out on the water this season, don’t be intimidated – it’s just a few steps and a few minutes away to relaxation, and exploration.

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