ExtaSea + Enaviga are crossing the Atlantic!

Mini Transat 6.50 also known as Transat 650 is a solo transatlantic yacht race

Please meet Martin! We met Martin a few months ago, when he came to us and shared his dream to cross the Atlantic on a 6.50m boat.

This challenge is a first for him and the Brussels native was so enthusiastic about his project we wanted to come on board and help him achieve his dream. We almost regret that it’s a solo challenge because we would have jumped in with him!

Enaviga is working on providing the best, and getting inspired by people who are also seeking excellence. We share Martin’s positive attitude towards challenges, his willingness to try new things and build his own dreams, so it was a natural connection for us.

So we are very proud to announce that Enaviga will sponsor ExtaSea for the 40th edition of the Mini-Transat!

The small racing boats will be leaving La Rochelle on October 1st, heading first to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, then to Martinique in the Caribbeans.

We will give keep you in the loop with news about the project, and you can also follow Martin’s adventures directly on his Facebook Page, his Instagram account and his website.

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