Itinerary Ideas from Athens, Greece

Sailing the Greek islands is on just about everyone’s bucket list, and Athens is a clear first stop, especially if it’s your first time in Greece. If you’re taking off from Athens, be sure to spend some time in the city. We recommend a visit to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon and the Monastiraki neighborhood. Once you’re on board and ready to go, consider this itinerary to tour the Saronic islands and nearby coast.1

As you begin your trip, keep in mind that many Greek places have similar names, so it’s always a good idea to double check your plans and destinations.

Stop 1: Aegina

Logistics: The trip is about 18 nautical miles to the south-southwest, and the main port is on the northwest side of the Island, near Aegina Town.

What to see and do:

  • Eat pistachios. They’re grown on the island and are a local specialty.
  • Visit the temple of Aphaia, a doric temple from the fifth century B.C. with sea views. Admission is less than 5 euros.
  • Make pottery in old Aegina village. You can arrange for private lessons with locals who have passed the craft down through generations.
  • Visit the fruit boats near the Agios Nikolaios church.
  • Stock up on any provisions you forgot to get in Athens; Aegina is a fairly popular island with ATMs and other modern conveniences. 

Tip: Because Aegina is popular and close to Athens, the harbor can be crowded, particularly on weekends. Be sure to get there early. You can also use the secondary harbor or any of the three anchorages.

Stop 2: Poros 

Logistics: Sail 15-20 nautical miles to the south. To reach the harbor, sail through Poros Lagoon, watching for ferries and hydrofoils.

What to see and do:

  • While en route, keep your eyes and nose peeled for Methana. This dormant volcano is on your starboard (right) side and smells distinctly of sulfur.
  • Hike up the hill in Poros Town to enjoy the view. You can also visit the Poros clock tower for another great view of the town and sunset, if you’re there at twilight.
  • Snorkel in Vagionia Bay, where you can see the remains of an ancient city below the water.

Tip: On your way to the harbor, anchor in Poros Lagoon to swim and eat lunch.

Stop 3: Palaia Epidavros (or Archaia Epidavros)

Logistics: Leave Poros Lagoon and sail around the Methana peninsula and follow the coast to the town of Palaia Epidavros on the mainland.

What to see and do:

  • Archaia stands for ancient, and ancient Epidavros is the town of Argolid from the Illiad. You can visit historic sites, including a large historic theatre.
  • A smaller version of the ancient theatre still hosts productions during a summer festival.
  • Consider a paragliding session, leaving from the beach.

Tip: Epadavros is sometimes spelled Epidaurus, which can help as you research the destination.

Stop 4: Korfus (or Korfos)

Logistics: Sail north up the coast toward Korfus. When you arrive, you can either anchor at the small shingle beach for the evening or stop off at a restaurant pontoon for lunch.

What to see and do: 

  • Korfus can be a great place to eat and drink, and is often a good day stop.
  • Locals on AirBnB recommend a fish restaurant at the end of the town’s port, called Selana, and Valera beach bar.

Tip: As you sail up the coast, keep an eye out for dolphins. When researching this destination, make sure you are looking at the coastal town; some internet searches may redirect to the island by the similar name of Corfu.

Stop 5: Agistri

Logistics: After a day-time stop in Korfos, head southeast about 10 nautical miles to the Island of Agistri.

What to see and do:

Tip: The harbor in Agistri is notoriously shallow, though the north end offers more depth.

  • Take photos for social media and people watch: Agistri is a picture-perfect Greek town, filled with cobbled streets and whitewashed houses.
  • While there are plenty of places to jump off rocks and swim, Skala beach is a popular sand beach. It is also the shallowest beach on the island, so it’s the perfect go-to for families.
  • Chalikiada beach is popular with naturists and campers.
  • The southern portion of the island is mostly wild, with thyme and woodland growing up to the water’s edge. To experience this part of the island, consider a horseback ride.

As a final stop, you might consider heading back to Aegina, or returning to Athens from Agistri.

If you’re interested in traveling the itinerary in this article, explore the boats available in Athens.

1 Everything in this article is accurate to our knowledge. If you find something isn’t as stated here, or discover new tips and trips to try, send us an email at

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